Validur - Flames of Camelot by Chance Glenn, Jr.
Validur - Flames of Camelot
by Chance Glenn, Jr.

Despite his deepest desire it was more than clear that Validur was not like other men. A powerful knight serving under the legendary King Arthur he was born with abilities far beyond that of mere mortals. Validur: Flames of Camelot is the first installment of an epic trilogy that follows the exploits of this mythical warrior as he journeys through time and space.

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Intelligent Conversations 2.0 - Generations

Michael Glenn joins Chance Glenn, Sr. as co-host on this  weekly podcast  to explore interesting topics from their own points of view. What is the best generation? Who has the best shows? The best heroes? The best music? The best movies? The best sports? They discuss society issues across the decades. Father to son, generation to generation? Come join the conversation!
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Chance Glenn - Jesus is Faithful
Chance Glenn - Jesus is Faithful

The second CD featuring Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Chance Glenn. Includes "Jesus is Faithful" and "Well Done".

(c) 2005 Morningbird Music
The Praise Project - First Fruits
The Praise Project - First Fruits

The first Contemporary Gospel and Grammy nominated CD from Chance Glenn, Sr. and the Praise Project.  Features "House of Praise", "Hideaway", and the powerful "More Beautiful Still" with acclaimed vocalist Sandra Biank.

(c) 2000 Morningbird Music
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